A month or so ago there were rumours that TV stars and best friends, Izareeh and Jackie Matubia were rumoured to be at war.

They unfollowed each other on social media and suddenly stopped spending time together like they usually do.

We called both Jackie and Izareeh to find out what’s going between the two but all Jackie had to say was “No comment”. Izareeh also mentioned there was nothing going on really. It is something they could sort out. After that call we noticed she deactivated her Instagram account.

Since then we have not seen any picture or video of the two together which is not normal because they used to post a video every morning together going to work in the same car.

Today Jackie turns 26 and as is customary, you would expect a sweet message from Izareeh but it gets worse. The two were in a squad with one Faith Njoroge but the bad blood seems to have stretched beyond the two.

Faith posted pictures of Jackie sending her birthday wishes and since the three were always together a lot of the pictures they have are of the three of them.

Just to make sure the message is clear, Faith used emoji’s on Izareeh’s face on the pictures she shared. What else would you call that other than pettiness and drama?

Jackie is the godmother to Izareeh’s children so with this beef I am not sure if that is still the case.

After those posts were up, Izareeh deactivated her Instagram account. Probably the trolls have gotten to her and she couldn’t handle them.

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From the phone call conversation we had with her, she is a soft-spoken lady and not about the drama. This could also be the reason she has deactivated. To keep off all the drama.

Jackie has also deleted all the pictures they took with Izareeh and now her page is all her.

Here are the pictures her face has been hidden to show she is officially out of the girls club;

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