Yvonne Bulimo came to the limelight as the host of Tujuane, a show that helped youngsters find their perfect matches.

But after a while, she went missing from the public scene and even left the show and not much was known about the move.


Speaking to Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars, Yvonne revealed that she moved back to the States. and that it was pretty hard for her to walk away from Tujuane.

It was hard because Tujuane allowed me to actually know Kenya. You know living in the States and coming back and really not knowing too much about the city. So Tujuane allowed me to travel and meet people, and it was a great experience.”

So what exactly happened after she left Tujuane?

I left Tujuane, went back home to my mum and I was confused with life because I thought I was going to be here for a long time. I had planned on owning my own TV show, TV station, I mean I had those dreams and to go back and start over again was kinda hard for me, but I’m now back. I accomplished a lot when I was here. Kenya has taught me to be very aggressive and don’t take no for an answer and also just be patient and things happen for a reason and everything is a learning lesson.”


Well, Yvonne is now the proud owner of a fitness gear called Zoezi Sport. So what is the brand about?

Zoezi Sport is a lifestyle and fitness brand made for the fit and fearless woman and soon to be man. It’s and athleisure brand not just for the gym. I wanted to transcend from the gym and also to happy hour and stuff like that.”

She also revealed what inspired her to start this brand.

I was on Tujuane and I remember I got a tweet and someone was like oh my gosh. Is she pregnant? And I wasn’t and so that’s where it started, andmy fitness journey started like that and then I could never really find clothes that I like to wear here in Nairobi. So I was like I’m gonna start making my own clothes and I was like no one is gonna buy this and it’s also expensive so that’s why I put it on the back and moved back to America.
So I decided to make a sample and I was really impressed. So I put it out there and the reception was great.”


Starting a business is not easy and one is bound to scared of what’s ahead and Yvonne was definitely scared.

The whole idea scared me because I don’t like to do half things, I put my all to it and if this is going to be a business then I have to take it seriously. So I was just like I won’t be able to afford it but this is something I’m really passionate about, so I told myself I’m going in.”

Here’s the full interview;

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