Miracle Boy, Shalkido, Masilver, Lexxy Yung and Qoqosjuma, the lads who make up the popular Gengeton group Sailors are finally free from the cluthes of what turned out to be a bad situation.

Details of the contract Harmonize wants out of with WCB emerge

Hitherto, they had to release music on a radio personality’s Youtube account which meant they couldnae draw their own Youtube cheques when Google paid out the money but Sailors have finally been awakened to the realities of that terrible deal.

Are superstar Gengetone group Sailors being exploited?

Not only that but Sailors have taken the proactive step of opening an alternative Youtube account for themselves which will see the group able to post alot more content unique to them that will grow their brand.

Mwenda pole hajikwai! Our official YouTube channel is now public kindly subscribe

The lady who was exploiting them according to many Kenyans also commented on her situation with Sailors saying:

Sailors YouTube Channel is going public in a few days so y’all can relax, I will explain my approach one day. It is bigger than me for now, shukran for the love and support for my boyz

And when Sailors spoke, the group seemed to be of hive mind with the radio personality saying,

Ile siku we’ll come clean about our relationship with Mwalimu Rachel wambea itabidi mme deactivate accounts

Anyway, now you know.