It has been a major concern for Kenyans who are fans of Sailors 254.

The group came into the Gengetone hype and they have risen fast with the great tracks they have gotten so much love and a huge fan base.

Their Kenyan fans were concerned that all their great work was under Mwalimu Rachel’s Youtube channel and that for them did not make sense. For the first song, since they were not known much then, it was expected.


But with them having gained a large fan base then they ought to earn fro their hard work so content ought to have been in their channel.

It was a big deal that was taken on Twitter and Sailors fans felt the group was being exploited by the Mwalimu Rachel who sums up as their manager.

Ever since any Sailors content was published on her channel, she significantly gained followers and that sort of proved she needed the groups clout to grow her brand. Because she still posted her personal content on the page.

‘We want to leave the ghetto’ Sailors saddened by the ban of their songs


We had an interview with Sailors and they revealed they have finally opened their own YouTube page because it does not take a leg and an arm just an email address.

At least now we know they will gain from their views hopefully someone will teach them how to monetize because the group has fans even internationally especially because of their song, Wamlambez.

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