Mr Seed is done playing nice. The youngin who recently settled down with the beautiful mother of his child, Nimu Gachuiri and now that he has his support base sorted out, he is now going after his erstwhile enemies.

Bahati’s son Majesty already has 15K followers with zero photos

The young gospel artiste who left EMB records was exposed for having carried an affair behind his young wife’s back:

‘I am tired’ Weezdom reveals more details on Mr Seed’s cheating allegation scandal

But inspite of all the negativity that formed the backdrop of his new successes (his music has been well received since severing ties with EMB records) he announced yet another win and with it, made a rather caustic statement that one can see means he is tired of the BS:

Yo new vlog is up…watch how the whole ceremony went down…it was so fun!!! “Ili Kamati ya wenye roho chafu wasije wakasema walinisponsor😂😂😂ati nateseka😂😂

I just hope that his new Vlog will be a breathe of fresh air and not some carbon copy of his erstwhile mentor Bahati’s already chaff inducing Vlog.