The saying goes “show me your friend and I’ll show you who you are.” The last thing you need is a faux friend in your life you don’t have time for that. You never know whose really your friend and whose your “friend.” So in order to help you avoid spending your valuable time and money on someone who doesn’t really care about you. Here are tale-tell signs to know your friend is full of BS toxic.

  1. Pessimistic

Who wants to be around someone who’s always looking at the bad side of life. Constantly complaining about something even though it’s that big of a deal. It’s exhausting. Leave these people alone, they have a problem with themselves. It has nothing to do with you.

2. Selfish

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All-day 24/7 365 days a year, it’s all about them. Honestly, it gets tiring being their yes man, leave them be.

3. Opportunistic

Want to know someones not your real friend? Simple, do they only check in on you when they need something? If the answers yes, bingo you got one fake friend you need to get rid of immediately! They’re only using you for their own personal gain and once they got what they came for. There is nothing holding them back from dumping you in the trash.

4. Backstabber

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We all have someone in our circle whose running around telling secrets to the world. Want to know who it is? This test was inspired by an episode of Game of Thrones enjoy. Tell each of your friends a different secret that isn’t true. They shouldn’t be the same secret. Once that one secret revolves back to you then you know it was that one friend you told the secret to. And that’s how to find your snitch.

5. Trouble makers

You know that friend who has a tendency to get into a fight every time you go out? Yea you need to get rid of them. Even though you two might be really close, they’re putting you in harm’s way. You all could end up in jail if it goes too far. A real friend wouldn’t do that to you.

6. Not supportive

They are never there for you. I’m not talking about the one who helps you out once in a while. I mean they literally are never there for you when you need them. They’re always busy doing something and don’t make any time for you. They don’t support your hopes, your dreams or ambitions. That’s not your friend. That’s someone holding you back from your true potential.

7. Vindictive

They’re always trying to sabotage your life either by getting you in trouble or constantly making you unhappy or insecure. You don’t need that level of negativity in your life, no one does

The best thing for you to do is to get rid of these people immediately. If you find it a little hard to do that. Then avoid seeing them as much as you can. Eventually, they’ll get the idea. These types of people are just bringing you down and making your life less enjoyable than it should be .

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