They are the youngest most popular and successful singers in the gospel industry, but Bahati (Kevin Kioko) and Willy Paul (Wilson Abubakar Radido) have not been seeing eye to eye for many years.

Both of them share almost similar stories when it comes to their background – they have both lived through poverty-stricken childhoods – and their struggle to make it in Kenya’s gospel music gospel scene.


Actually, Willy Paul and Bahati started off as friends when they were both new and upcoming artistes in the music industry until Bahati accused the controversial singer of stealing his music and lyrics.

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Willy Paul is no doubt one of the most talented musicians in the country, with his unique executions styles and lyrics, and of course his dope dancing. He is known for releasing fast paced songs and at some point, they come close to the Bongo style of music.


Some of Willy Paul’s hit songs include; Tam Tam, Sitolia, Kitanzi, Mpenzi, Rabuka, You Never Know and Vigelegele. Away from music, the singer’s personal life has been marred with a lot of scandals.

He has seen himself amidst allegations that he forced one of his ex-girlfriends to terminate her pregnancy, asking for nude photos and videos from women through Whatsapp and social media. He’s also been accused of stealing songs and lyrics Bahati, then making them his own.

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On the other hand Bahati aka “Mtoto Wa Mama” is known for his emotional and  inspirational songs, where he mostly sings about his struggles and challenges growing up as an orphan and the pain of losing his mother.


However, with time, the down to earth singer has changed his style of singing and realizing singles that are not too emotional, which take an angle of appreciation, gratitude, and love. His latest song dubbed Mapenzi talks about perseverance and  putting God in your relationships first.

Bahati and Willy Paul bury the hatchet

His other top songs include; Machozi, Mama, Lover, Barua, Wangu, Itakuwa Sawa, Visa and Kuchu Kuchu. The two young artistes recently made up and it looks like they might work together very soon.

There were recently attended the Mwafaka Awards and they happened to share the same podium and hinted at a soon to be collabo, and also made fun of each other while at it. They had  promised a song together in 2014 but this has never materialized. We hope they are serious this time round.

Check out the video below;

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