Kamene Goro is an open book indeed. Whenever she opens her mouth, she reveals truths from her personal life that are so revealing it is scary. Actually, being her friend is scarier than bungee jumping because you never know when your private conversations will become fodder for her radio banter.

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Today she opened up about some of the worst advice anyone can give a friend -depending on who does the choosing I guess. Kamene Goro opened up about the time she found out her man was cheating on her.

In her interview with True Love, Kamene Goro said,

Women contribute to each other’s suffering by misleading each other. He cheated on me till I tried suicide yet I was still being told to hang on. Hang on to what? What kind of role model are you to your daughters when that is the standard you are setting?

Towards the end of my marriage I was depressed. I popped about 70 sleeping pills to end it all. But just when I started to feel woozy, I heard a still voice asking, do you not trust me handle this for you. Thankfully there was an AAR a few doors from where I lived. I drove myself there and got my stomach pumped.

The kids will be messed up if you stay despite the cheating, the beating and him not providing. You owe it to them to give yourself better life. Only one woman told me I didn’t deserve that kind of treatment and if I loved myself I should leave. That was five days before the relationship ended.