We all value our eye sight, right? But we most times tend to find ourselves with eye problems that sometimes do not make much sense. At one point, you are short sighted, long sighted then again you are totally affected by light. Some of those conditons force you to visit an optician who quickly prescribes eye wear for your condition. That way, you end up wearing glasses.

It’s not a pleasant thing; I’ll tell you that for free. Glasses can be annoying at times but what can one do.

Look around you and I bet you can count a handful of people wearing glasses. Some look ridicolous and some give you hope, that is if you are part of the glasses squad.

Well, not all hope is lost as these fine ladies make the glass life look so stylish even when you feel like giving up.

Check out how effortlessly these ladies pull the glass look.

1. Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko 1

2. Anita Nderu


3. Muthoni Njoba


4. Sharon Mundia (This Is Ess)



5 Edith Kimani