Betty Kyallo has mastered how to deal with trolls who come for her on social media. She does not give them the satisfaction of thinking that it is ok to talk ill about her.

Well, she’s very active on social media and she took to Twitter to pose a question about dowry payment and if it’s necessary.

But one of her followers saw fit to pose a comment that was unnecessary and Betty was not going to let that slide.

She asked,

“Do you believe in payment of dowry? Do you think that in this day and age Dowry should still be paid? If you are a lady are you keen on dowry payment by your fiancé?”

Betty Kyallo

The follower who goes by the name Anthony Tabani went ahead to give his response writing,

“Ask Joho for the answer. Let him tell us if it’s okay to marry someone’s wife and fail to pay dowry.”

Betty was definitely not going to let that slide as she clapped back stating,

“Yaaaawnnnnn were you there? Get outta my face.”

Betty Kyallo

Betty has been a recipient to public scrutiny ever since her marriage ended. Every move she makes has been questioned but she has learned how to deal with trolls and she has not given them the chance to bring her down.

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