Yara Shahidi is making major moves at just the age a 19.

She is famously known for her role, Zoe in Black-ish and Grown-ish but there is more to her off-screen. Her background as an Iranian and a black one for that matter is not easy, especially in the US.

 I’m black and I’m Iranian, and so it’s difficult to deal with the policy changes that Trump and his administration are doing because it impacts my family on a very personal level

Yara who is very outspoken calls herself an activist through art. With the power and influence she has, she spends her free time giving talks on diversity, meeting with UN Women, hosting support groups for young women, and uses her social media channels to speak freely about gender and equality issues.

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Her fight against injustice has scooped her the attention of Michelle Obama who even wrote her a recommendation letter that helped her get to the University of her dream.

She is now at Harvard University, where she plans to double major in sociology and African-Americans study.

I’m only 19, but I feel being socially active is very important. Every voice must be heard.

She has inspired a lot of young talent who look up to her. Jane The Virgin’s, Gina Rodriguez has often confessed she has been inspired by Yara’s hard work and passion for change.

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