It has been a few weeks since East Africa’s power couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz called it quits but it seems the dust surrounding their relationship won’t settle anytime soon.

Just the other day, new reports came through that Diamond’s mum Mama Dangote repossessed Tanasha’s white prado, one that the Tanzanian superstar gifted her on her birthday.

Tanasha has been rather quiet regarding the whole issue and for a bit we forgot about her troubles, little did we know she had something cooking.

The model-cum-singer has left many shocked after she teased her new unreleased single, ‘Jojo’ featuring Kenya’s singer and producer, Magix enga.

Tanasha posted on her insta stories,  a short video of her dancing to the catchy song on a beach, in what we believe was a snippet of the song’s video shoot.

However, many believe that the title of the song could never be a coincidence, given the fact that Diamond released ‘Jeje’ a few days before the two ended their love rollercoaster.

Could she have chosen the title as a way of counter attacking ‘Jeje’ now that she knows all eyes are on her?  Only time will tell.

It is also worth noting that a few years back, Diamond featuring Rayvanny released ‘Salome’ with this notable line; ‘Mtoto jojo sio roboti’

Has Tanasha Donna finally decided to remove her gloves and go head to head with her baby daddy? Well all I could say is buckle up folks we are in for a great treat!