The gifted Kenyan rappers Gabu and Kristoff turn up the heat in 254 with their latest music videos. Both the cute dimpled rappers Kristoff and Gabu travelled to shoot their latest videos in Nigeria with the aim of trying something new. The videos for their songs Umeniwahi by Kristoff and No spine by Gabu however, got some Kenyan fans riled up over the fact that their videos were not shot at home in Kenya.


When the rappers were asked why they chose to do their videos in Nigeria and not Kenya, they simply answered, ” Given the fact that we have always made our videos in Kenya, we feel like making the same kind of videos is what is holding the Kenyan music industry behind. We already know that we need to improve on the kind of music we produce and so we were only trying to do something new.”


The rappers further elaborated that much as shooting their videos for their songs in Nigeria was expensive, it was surely worth it. ” We were met with complete professionals who knew exactly what to do and when to do it.” Gabu emphasised, “In fact, when they shot the first take of the video, it was too perfect we did not have to do another take to perfect it.”

Kristoff and Gabu

“You will never find that here in Kenya,” Kristoff added. “Not to be rude or disrespectful but shooting a video in Kenya is more costly as there will always be something wrong. Either the lighting is poor and you have to do a retake or the models or video vixens are stuck somewhere on the way. All in all, you will always find yourself spending more money on shooting a video due to the extra and unplanned for costs,” Kristoff stated.

Kristoff and Gabu

He continued to clarify, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing Kenyans but we have a lot of improving to do in all the areas of producing music and the only way we are going to do that is if we take our music to the big dogs and let them know we are also in the game. There is a lot to learn if we are willing to spend on good quality.”

When asked what inspired him to sing his latest song, he proudly and matter of factly stated, “Love. I have a special woman in my life who is the inspiration for my latest song.”

However, he refused to give any further information regarding his love. He did not disclose her name claiming that he wanted his love life to remain private. Gabu, on the other hand, got Kenyans talking about the ladies in his No spine video that danced their hearts out like they actually did not have spines.

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