I am guessing if you are reading this you are caught up in the last minute rush for your father’s day gift.

But worry not, I got you covered with some dope ideas for father’s day gifts.

“A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.”

Some of the gifts I guarantee you that your father will appreciate include:

#1. Socks

I can tell you as a man in his thirties that some of the best gifts I have ever received are socks. And I am a huge fan of happy socks. They add some personality to your official wear.

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#2. Cologne

Get your father a nice grown man cologne. Here’s a tip, given that we are in our “winter” season i.e cold months, get him a cologne that compliments the weather. Perhaps something spicy or something tobacco infused. My personal preference? John Varvatos. It has a leather smell.

The experience of aromas includes a crisp, masculine introduction, rugged and rich heart notes, and a background of woody leather undertones with malt, balsamic, amber and hints of vanilla extract.

John Varvatos includes notes of West Indian tamarind tree leaf, medjool date fruit, Mediterranean herbs, eaglewood [oud], black leather, auramber, sensuous balsams, and vanilla. (From the brand’s website.)

#3. Whiskey

On this, I am biased. I am a whiskey man so…

Johnnie Walker Double Black is a full-bodied whisky, with an intense smoky character and layers of spice, inspired by our iconic Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Strongly influenced by powerful West Coast and Island whiskies – it’s an impressive choice and ideal for sharing, whatever the occasion.

#4. Sneakers


Your purist tendencies propel you to the essence of what you seek. That’s why this classic tennis shoe speaks to you. A clean, iconic style that functions on the court as well as it looks off it. No riffraff. Only quintessential truth.

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Cost? 75$ (Ksh 7500)