Doreen Gatwiri is one of the fastest rising TV personalities in town. The lass who hosts Swahili news for Ebru TV seems to be fed up with city women who are trying to live a life like hers -only that they want her’s.

In an exclusive interview, we sought to find out her relationship status and it turns out that she is the main chick to re-known city architect cum politician.

Her man is one of the richest tycoons Nairobi has ever seen but it seems there are women who have been ‘Nyemelearing’ him, something that Doreen does not like. At all!

The sexy, hot and talented screen siren opened up to Mpasho as she indirectly poured out words that we figured were directed to city socialites who might have been salivating over her hubby.

They want to have your life, Wannabes Husband Snatchers.”

She added:

Broke Wannabes, Cheap, go fix your foreheads, accent and and ratchetness.”

The TV queen went ahead to give advice

You can never have my life or someone else’s.”

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