Media personality and spinmistress Pierra Makena has taken to her instagram account to announce that she has been nominated for DJANE TOP100 Awards, the first all female Dj Awards to be held in the world.

The DJANETOP100 Award is an online website which was formed in January 2017 with the aim of supporting the best female DJ’s worldwide, and to also share music, photos, latest news and best mixes of various Djs across the world.

Pierra Makena

The Award is meant to motivate and challenge female Dj’s through a competition. It also seeks to make the DJs look at their achievements and progress as they get motivation for every effort they put on their work.

On DjaneTop one can find the first real voting for the best world female Djs, and the Djs can see the amount of votes they gather from their fans in real time. There is voting depending on the type of music style or genre and the country the Dj comes from.

This is a platform that gives the legions of fans the opportunity to vote for their best DJ in the top 100 best world female DJs. Your vote for Pierra counts guys.

Fans assured Pierra of support and this is how you can vote

What are you waiting for? go ahead to link and cast your vote for Dj Pierra Makena

victor_maish….Yaaassss please

marley.ke_official….Lazima tupige kurai hope hakuna limit

[email protected]_official once a month..but u can ask your friends to vote too

elrey_multimillonairo…With immediate effect

b_e._t_h…Already voted

[email protected]…. how many times can i vote… i wanna hive u ten

whitneyguendalina…I give an Yes all through tunasema ni Pierra

bambigracie…Voting for you right away…also please check your inbox.

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