For the last few weeks, Huddah has been subliminally saying she made her money through selling her pudesh.

In fact, there was a social media war between her and Kamene Goro after the radio presenter mentioned that is the work Huddah is best known for.

Now that it is in everyone’s head, she decided to say it out loud her word of advice to women who like to be like her, a rich CEO – is to sell pudesh.

The same discussion was on The Morning Kiss with Kamene and Kibe where they expressed surprise that the market has moved online.

‘It’s crazy!’ Andrew Kibe laments about online dating experience

Huddah is mad at women who keep borrowing yet they have a commodity of trade that can get them capital to start a business.

go sell p**sy, save money and start selling groceries. nothing in life is for free everyone works hard

Could this be the reason why she wanted to have a bedroom session with Eluid Kipochoge for her to get some money for a new business? Because manz is a few millions richer after doing what was termed impossible. He ran 42 kilometers in under 2 hours.

Huddah Monroe challenges Eliud Kipchoge to a bedroom marathon

Huddah last admitted that she got a seat on the table with the help of her cookie but her brain helped her stay on that seat.

Pu**y opens the doors. Brains determine if you’ll stay in, have a seat at the table and change the status quo! 
From nothing to something! 

You’ve heard it from her. I will not be the one to judge because we all have different levels of principles.

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