Chito Ndhlovu, Kiss FM’s radio host appreciates his family often. He has grown in the entertainment industry fast and one thing you will notice about him is every huge step he makes, he thanks God for his growth.

This time Chito took to social media to pen down a message to his parents who he always says have taught him the parks of life and also how to love and appreciate God more. His message was basically appreciating his young looking parents crediting their service to God. Chito asked God to keep blessing them to a point they cannot contain the blessings.

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#PapaGoldenVoice and #MamaGoldenVoice, my folks look very very young. Serving and loving God does keep you young. God bless pour down a blessing on them, that, they will have no room to contain it. 

Forever be blessed, Mr. and Mrs. Ndhlovu.