Investigations are being carried out following the brutal murder of a Form Two student, whose body was found in her grandmother’s house in Matura village.

The body was found on Sunday in a pool of blood in the grandmother’s bedroom with deep stabs on the neck, forehead and stomach, all suspected to have been inflicted using a kitchen knife that was left in the murder scene.

The victim, 16-year-old Lucy Wanjiku, was a student at the St Teresa Manunga Girls High School in Nyandarua.

She had paid a visit at her grandparent’s home when the incident occurred, as she lives with her mother in Ol Kalou.

The star reports, allegations had been made of  a strange man who had been walking around the compound inquiring on the whereabouts of the grandparents, then he walked to the house.

One of the slain student’s relatives, Ms Emily Muthoni, said a stranger was seen hovering around the home for several hours before the murder incident. She stated;

“The stranger later walked into the compound where he found some children playing and requested to know if the grandparents were in. He then walked into the house.”

Only for the other children to find the girl’s body later after the stranger had left.

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