We did not have to wait for so long, finally, we get to see another product of Bahati and Diana Marua.

First, their children are really light so I do now know who they are taking after but Heaven really resembles Diana. Their two children are proof that the couple has amazing genes.

Majesty who has been receiving treatment as his name suggests has been kept away from us for less than a month. In his Instagram page, that has already scooped more than 30,000 followers, his parents finally decided to feed our thirst.

His first picture of him in white captioned,


Has caught the attention of so many people who just think he is a cute baby and they call him the favored one.

‘He questioned if Majesty is my son’ Diana Marua cries

The Bahati’s close friends including their prodigal son, Weezdom took to the comment section sweet and congratulatory messages.

Check out the grand arrival of Bahati’s son, Majesty home (VIDEO)

The 14th of August was one of the happiest moment over at Bahati’s empire.

At exactly 1:04 pm Bahati and Diana Marua welcomed their newborn son, Majesty at RFH Healthcare.

Meet Majesty:

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