The gospel music industry is growing by the day and we are witnessing upcoming artistes work their way up the ladder for their music to be heard.

Former Christ Cycoz member Ben Cyco is making moves in the industry as a solo artiste after the three members went separate ways to venture into other things.

Most times, people say that music doesn’t pay, but during the Maloko Show with Chito Ndhlovu, Ben revealed that music does pay.

Ben cyco

I think Nyash in Aminia in verse three he says, ‘hii ni ile ya ule boy mtaani mwenye anacheza na guitar tu hata kama anajua atalala njaa’ Music pays. We’ve seen artistes in Kenya driving big cars, living the dream, it depends on how you brand it and if you’re doing it as a career/ job. If you take music seriously as a career, you need to access yourself everyday on what have you done to improve your brand, what have you done during the week, what are you doing and at with that mentality, I think music will pay you. I believe anything pays so long as you put effort to it. I’m planning to do music for a long time,” he explained

When asked why he decided to continue doing music after the group split, he said, “For me, music is my passion and even when we formed the group, I was the one who really initiated the whole formation of the group and after it was done, for me  that was the passion and I wanted to keep pushing the music brand.”

ben cyco

He recently released a brand new jam called Nashukuru. So what the inspiration behind it?

It was more of a thanksgiving song because I feel most of the time we keep going back to God complaining you want this and that but then when you get that then you want something else. It’s just a whole long journey. Sometimes you just have to sit back and look at how far the Lord has brought you. I love looking at my photos from kitambo coz they remind of the days when I just loved attending concerts.”

Listen to the full interview below: