It’s a Major Gospel come back!!! As Zoe releases ‘Waona Nani’ Video

Popularly known for her hit single ‘Salama’ featuring Rebecca Soki, gospel singer Zoe is back. Even though she has been absent from the music scene for a while now, she is back with a hit track. It is called ‘Waona Nani’, sounds like a very expressive song because it actually is!

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This song was written 10 years ago by Zoe under real life circumstances. Zoe in form two struggled with identity for about 4 months leading her to come up with Waona Nani song.

She narrates a personal real life story in this latest video, Waona Nani. The story behind it is;

“It all started from the April holiday. My dad got uncomfy with the frequency of texts getting into my phone…what he assumed is quite obvious. The truth was however opposite. I did not have one male friend who could reach the extent of texting me. He resorted to taking the phone he had given me away. During the same school holiday, a neighbor, mama’s friend contacted mum asking if she could hook me up with her daughter so I ‘talk’ to her following change of behavior. This got me confused, kind of stressed, that now I am a ‘bad girl’ in the eyes of my father.” SHE NARRATED

Welcome back Zoe!!!

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