Wahu has faced the hands of the law after being charged in court for dangerous overtaking, driving without a valid driver’s license and causing obstruction.

Gospel musician Rosemary Wahu Kagwi was today morning charged in Milimani Law Courts and released on a cash bail of Ksh15,000 after she denied the three counts.

Wahu In Court Photo by; Enos Teche

This was the news that got to us from the courts but we decided to call her and find out the whole story behind her arrest.

Wahu said that she was innocent against the charges except driving without a driving license. According to her side of the story, the case was escalated after she refused to give the policeman bribe after he asked her ‘ukona pesa ngapi?’

“The traffic cop pulled me over and I didn’t have my driving license on me but the other things he was accusing me of I don’t agree. The issue is I refused to take the easy way which is giving a bribe.”

He asked me ‘do you want me to give you a cash bail’ and I told him that I didn’t have cash on me. I don’t know how this cash bail system works and wasn’t comfortable with it. It would be great if it was a cashless system,’ she said.


“He asked me ‘how much do you have?’ I told him I didn’t have any cash and he was like ‘you want to go to court?’

Wahu thought that the cop would give her time to present her Driving License later but “he insisted that I had overlapped and overtaken dangerously of which I don’t agree.” Wahu says

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Wahu said she was ready to follow the right procedure because she wants to make Kenya a better place. She wants to be among the many Kenyans who will help stop corruption.

She is set to appear in court for a hearing on December 9th.

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