There is talk that America’s got talent show could come to Kenya. So should this happen, here is a list of local Kenyans who they should consider to host it.


  1. Jeff Mote

With his charismatic voice, you would definitely feel safe around him and the same voice will immediately kill all anxiety when backstage before you hit the stage. He is also very good at engaging with fans on radio so if he takes the same energy there, he will definitely make it.

2. Amina Abdi

She has so much energy to give the world and she always makes you feel like you are friends even when you do not know each other you will always feel comfortable around her. This is exactly what you need to reduce the tension on that stage which we have to agree is crazy.

3. Dr. Ofweneke

I know you are already laughing. Yes, Dr. Ofweneke is one of the funniest men we have in Kenya right now. He has a very interesting way of presenting to his jokes and we know laughter is the best medicine especially to the contestants who as you’ve noticed have sad stories of their backgrounds. We all need a little laughter on that intense stage.

4. Chito Ndhlovu

Very well diverse in the music industry, he will also be a perfect fit. As we have seen, Chito has a way of always trying to mentor people to be the best in what they want to achieve and this is no doubt his best space! He would be a perfect host for the show

5. Linda Nyangweso

Her voice is just perfect for that! She is also such a darling who you can seek comfort in when the contestant feels a bit on the low and needs some encouragement. The judge is not always so soft when it comes to judgment.