Media Personality Grace Msalame has been the talk of town after a photo went viral of her sleeping at an eatery.

It is not known who exactly took the photo, but the photo has gone viral with many wondering why she was asleep and in such a weird position.

Well, Grace has come out to explain that for a really long time, she has had low levels of iron and she’s never had to give blood because of low red blood cells count. Common symptoms of Anemia are extreme exhaustion and light headed.

Taking to social media, she asked her followers to take photos of anyone they see who might be sleeping the same way and post the photo tagging her with the hashtag #GetOurIronUp.

She wrote, “So yesterday Twitter went ham with the #GraceMsalameChallenge if you’re not privy to this do go follow the hashtag on Twitter🙈

Here though is why & I hope you can help me spread the word as we aim to create Awareness on Iron Deficiency with Royco Kenya. Simply post a sleeping selfie & look out for what RoycoKenya have in store to help us #GetOurIronUp because the main symptom of Iron Deficiency is Exhaustion which we sometimes take lightly&think we’re just tired! But 1 in 4 Women suffer from Anemia here in Kenya &don’t even know it! Royco Kenya are aware of this&now have an Iron Fortified product to help us #GetOurIronUp Hence why posting either a sleeping selfie of yourself or someone close to you who wouldn’t mind will help us create awareness & ring true to this very common symptom.”

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