‘My greatest fear was to quit music’ Amani reveals

Amani recently released her first gospel song ‘Jina Lake Yesu’ that has received positive feedback and has over 22k views on YouTube.

Well, today on Breakfast with the Stars with Adelle and Shaffie, Amani opened up about wanting to quit music and what her greatest fear was at that time.

My greatest fear about quiting was that’s what I’ve done all my life. I’ve only worked nine months in my life, so I’m like my goodness, do I need to go back to school, what do I need to do here, like my experience is in music, like I don’t have a resume, I have a profile.”

Well, a few months ago, Amani revealed that she had turned a new life and that she has gotten saved, something that really surprised many, having gone missing from the public scene for years.

When asked how people reacted, she said;

My family could tell their was something that wasn’t right because I was rather withdrawn in everything and also when you are travelling so much, you are having very dis-functional relationships. So even the people around you, you don’t have solid relationships, whether it’s personal relationship with a dude or your friends. You guys don’t really get to interact. My family knew something was not ok. I was snappy I guess, angry 90% of the time. I was not myself.”

Having been in the music industry for years and being a celebrity, she has had her fair share of trolls.

So how did she deal with them?

I think sometimes people will push your buttons, I’m human and so many times I reacted to everything coz somethings were rather offensive and I can’t begin to describe some of the stuff. You know you are in the public limelight and people will try and push your buttons and they can really go where they should not be going and when you react they’ll be like haiya you’ve reacted? and I’m like eeh si I’m human. If you can’t do that to somebody in your everyday life, don’t do it to a celebrity because they are human at the end of the day.”

Watch the full video below;

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