When  Kenya’s richest singer Akothee shared sad news of her grandfathers passing away, fans and followers joined her in mourning his loss.

The grieving Akothee moved many to tears with her heartbreaking message dedicated to him, when she revealed how close they were.

Akothee is still mourning his loss, and has gone ahead to do something special for him. She has released a new song ‘lala salama’ a special yet moving song just for her grandpa.

The multi-talented musician-cum-businesswoman is a darling of many because she always opens her heart to Kenyans revealing many details about her personal life. Whether she is grieving, or is happy, Akothee doesn’t hesitate to tell Kenyan just how she feels.

The death of her loved one has hit her hard, and we do wish her well as she tries to recover from such a traumatic experience in her life. Rest in peace grandpa.




Through a post she said;

when music hits you you feel no pain, my tears overflow at the sound of your name.
lala salama James Ogendi my hero.

This song is for you.

Here is the audio of the song;

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