Nyce Wanjeri has left many of her fans shocked and some inspired, after she shared about her life struggles while growing up.
According to the former ‘Auntie boss’ lead actor, she came to learn how to use tissue paper after she joined high school.
To many people’s surprise, Wanjeri and members of her family resorted to newspapers and leaves whenever they visited the toilet.

‘Let’s talk kidogo… Ni nini hiyo ulikuja kujua baadaye in life? Mimi nilijuwa wasichana tunafaa kutumia tissue after kususu nikiwa form one 😥😓. Shared the mother of one. 

Where I was brought up we used gazeti na maigosh (majani fulani soft) …if you know you know.’

Shiro who now is a household name, making enough money to buy whatever she wishes, joins the likes of Size 8 in opening up about their tough background.

Just recently, size 8 revealed how it was hard for her to afford sanitary pads and fare.

Now all she has is a testimony of how far she has come and how her life changed once she gave her life to God.