Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel, one of the talented gospel artistes in town has managed to keep a low-key life.

The singer who is currently flying high with his hit Nadeka had an exclusive interview with this writer, where he poured his heart out on why he has been ‘hiding’ his relationships from the public.

Guardian Angel

The singer says he is afraid that revealing his relationship status might split his fans.

Dating? Hahaha,hio ni information personal. Shida ya kuambia wasee una-date ni yule msichana utakua ukionekana na watasema ni huyo. Wakikuona na mwingine waseme si huyu msee ako na madem wengi.”

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Guardian Angel refused to spill the beans on who he was dating but Mpasho can confirm that he is seeing a lass he featured in his new song Nadeka, the lass with blonde hair and a scarf on her neck.

He has done a couple of covers from other artists among them Willy Paul’s I Do, Angel Bernard’s Siteketei, Mercy Masika’s Shule Yako among others.

Here is an exclusive interview: