DJ Poison Ivy is doing the most to take Kenyan music to the world. And anyone who tells you that you are only meant to sing in English for your music to go worldwide should be slapped.

While we are on it, someone go and tag Sailors because their music is an example of how good music will be appreciated anywhere in the world. DJ Poison Ivy recently had a set at some music concert and as she was spinning, she decided to help introduce Sailor’s music to an American audience and wouldn’t you know it, they actually responded overwhelmingly positively!

Everyone was singing along even though they did not know the lyrics leave alone the language the song was sung in.
The song has a part where the lyrics are augmented by some adlibs and chanting and the crowd really appreciated these parts as well as screaming “Wamlambez, wamnyonyez“.

Watch the American youth enjoy the hell out of the popular Sailors Gang jam: