By now, you are well aware that Khaligraph Jones made a dramatic entrance at a recent concert. As he was ushered into the stage, his crew came carrying him in a coffin, which left many wondering if he was trying to outshine Ty Dolla $ign and Nasty C, who were the headline acts.

Photo by Ezekiel Aming’a

The rapper, who is the self-proclaimed King of Kenyan rap, has taken to IG to post a very funny rendition of the entrance. A fan photoshopped himself in a metal box, the one that’s usually used by Kenyan high school boarding students.

The whole thing is entirely funny and witty! Instead of the rapper hating, he laughed out hard at the idea, seemingly praising the creativity of the fan.

Check it out!

Haha, smh Mazisi ni ire ire.

khaligraph jones

Fans lit up to the moment, too

mbeyusharon Hahaha hiii sasa ni ire ire dah

gerald_okwirii Hahaaa nikka u killed it u left begging for me hyo ingine iko lini#yournumber1fun#realOGs @khaligraph_jones

irine_foxx Hahahahaha people people

alexander.flick 😂😂😂Wahala,,,,, respect the OGs,,,,

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