Queen Nonyerema Okafor is the hairiest woman in Africa and she has became popular when photos of her “Hairy Selfie” went viral on Nigeria’s Social Sphere.

When her photos went viral she claimed both single and married men, gay and lesbian were all over claiming to be attracted to her.

Now, Queen Nonyerema is reported to have dumped her boyfriend of many years .

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Queen Nonyerema made it public that she is now ”single and looking for a new love, after she dumped her  boyfriend of many years”.

Her condition has a medical name and it’s called Hirsutism. This is is a condition of unwanted, male-pattern hair growth in women.

Hirsutism results in excessive amounts of dark, course hair on body areas where men typically grow hair — face, chest and back.

It is caused by genes, hormones or medication.

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Through her Facebook account Queen Nonyerema says that even though in some countries women with her condition are called names she is comfortable with how she looks and feels.

Trolls don’t move her one bit.

Seems Queen Nonyerema Okafor is always proud of her condition because she keeps posting pictures on her Facebook account exposing her hairy gorgeous body.

Her latest Facebook post looks good, she has shaved her hair, the reason is so she “looks more beautiful and feminine”.