Wouldn’t it be nice to see Hamisa Mobetto get blessed enough to move on with her life? Of all the exes and women Diamond Platnumz has been linked to, Hamisa Mobetto is not only the most endearing but she is also the one you cannot help but feel the most goodwill towards.

Hamisa Mobetto comes off as the proverbial damsel in distress who has been through alot at the hands of Diamond Platnumz and his family especially his mother.

Kendrah Michael

Mama Diamond’s in-laws reveal just how badly she treated Hamisa Mobetto and they HATE her for it

She recently posed for a photo on her IG and trust that it got Tanzanians yammering in hushed tones about her especially since not too long ago Hamisa Mobetto revealed she is lonely and looking forward to getting hitched.

Diamond’s ex Hamisa Mobetto confesses she’s lonely

Perhaps Hamisa Mobetto has simply borrowed a leaf out of yet another of Diamond’s exes, Zari, who is known to constantly bring drama on the timelines with photos of her “King Bae”. Or perhaps there is something that has been cooking in the background for Hamisa Mobetto? Whatever the case may be, why not first check out the photo below and then form your opinion which we would love to read in the comment section: