Life, as they say, is a circle and as with everything involving circles, things tend to cycle around. Don’t think too deeply about that introduction, we are here to discuss Bahati.

Or rather, we are here to discuss Bahati and Weezdom. A while back, Weezdom left under a cloud of controversy with rumours swirling about the reason he had left EMB (Eastlands Most Beloved) record label owned by Bahati.

‘I am tired’ Weezdom reveals more details on Mr Seed’s cheating allegation scandal

According to industry insiders, he had gotten into an altercation with Bahati -a rumour Weezdom cleared up rather quickly, saying that he simply wanted to grow his career in a different direction.

‘You shall perish’ Weezdom warns Mr Seed against spreading false news

He is back at EMB records and doing a stellar job of brown nosing Bahati. The young gospel starlet posted the folling on his social media:

“Enyewe wasee I’ve been offline nikijifikiria sana na ata after @bahatikenya kunisamehea kuna vitu sijaweza mwambia Coz somehow I’m guilty. Lakini kuna vitu hazifichiki eg. Kama venye kenya yote imewitness akitoa #PeterBlessing from kazi ya security guard akajitolea akaenda hadi kwao home Taita Taveta na suddenly ndio huyu kijana amekuwa an overnight superstar #muchrespect. This has taken me while back vile bahati alinitoa mtaani nikiwa at a worse situation as a drug addict while I had lost hope in Music akanipea jina WEEZDOM. He literally introduced me to every media personality I know today Lakini ndio ujue binadamu ni binadamu hizo hizo radio station alinipeleka ndio nilienda interviews baadae nikamtukana. Mehn!”

The fast pace in which Weezdom executed his about turn only serves to convince me that things are tougher outchea than he had realised, thinking he could simply surf his wave of popularity into prosperity.