Harmonize and the rest of his Tanzanian ilk seem to constantly get accused of jacking songs. And for Harmonize, this is the second time in as many years that he has been accused by a Kenyan. Last year, he was involved in a tiff with producer Magix Enga. This year has only just begun and he is being accused by none other than Stivo Simple Boy.

So Stivo Simple Boy came up with a phrase that changed the collective Kenyan lexicon. It all stems from an interview he had in which he was asked how he deals with the hate and vitriol directed his way concerning his looks.

Stivo Simple Boy simply said,

Inauma but itabidi uzoe (It hurts but you just have to get used to it)

Harmonize used those lines and created a song around the words called Inauma and the song is an instant hit. So what happened? Did Harmonize steal the song? Listen to Stivo Simple Boy speak on the matter below:

Below is a snippet of the contentious song, Inauma.