Harmonize is going about setting himself up as an independent music artiste and he is not playing! The artiste who is setting up his record label Konde Gang is now simultaneously setting up a series of food trucks and he has also shown off a vehicle interior upholstery company.

Harmonize new manager speaks about Konde Gang

Harmonize unveils the Konde Gang team (VIDEO)

And all this was done as he shared a photo listing all of Jay Z’ business investments. It will really be interesting to see whether or not Harmonize will make it big because the hunger is present and so is the ambition.

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He started with this picture:

Incase you did not know, Jay Z has equity in Uber, Roc Nation, Tidal, Jetsmarter, Armand (de Brignac), Julep and Away.
And Harmonize has shown off the following businesses:

This one was accompanied by the following caption:

Free…!!! free…!!! food 📢📢 Bure..!!!! Coming on your street in few days 🖤 
Mana Kunawatu Wanajua Ni Biashara Yani Jeshi Atauza Walii…!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Mtamuuwa na pressure Dada Yangu Kipenzi @officialshilole 🤣 Hii Itakuwa Ni Bure…..!!!! Kabisa Kwa Wanangu Wa Mtaani Ambao Bado Mambo Yao Hajakaa Kwenye Line Sisi Sote Ni Wa Mungu Mmoja Sitokula Na Kusaza#Tutagawana 🤞