“…Ungeperform Kwangwwaru uache hiyo part ya ‘ inama inama’ wakimaliza deni nawe uje kumaliza ngoma…”

Words commented by an angry Harmonize follower Laura.

The much anticipated Saturday performance by Harmonize at Chaget Festival; Eldoret apparently went south, as he failed to show up.

Earlier, he was seen psyching up his appearance on Instagram where he posted his rehearsals captioning;

 “I will be performing live in Eldoret on Saturday 3rd November. Tell a friend to tell a friend because I will be there.”

However, after waiting hours for his arrival, disappointed fans were told he was not going to show up.

On the video below, the crowd is heard to be chanting ‘haki yetu, haki yetu’ while the stage lay desolate with bottles and rocks all over.


Harmonize later went ahead to post on Instagram, defending his action, claiming that he was not fully paid by the organizers.

Binafsi najua kiasi gani pesa inatafutwa kwa ugumu but kwa mapenzi yenu mlijitoa kuja kuni support sio kwasababu mie ni special sana….!!! Ni kwa upendo wenu tuu ila kilichonisikitisha ni promoters kuchukua pesa za watu wasio pungua 4000k then wakashindwa kuja kumalizia payment iliyobaki na kukimbia hii inaumiza sana…!!”



Concert-goers demanded for a refund of their money as advanced tickets for the show were selling at Sh500 while VIP tickets went for Sh2,000. As others advised him to have performed as he was paid.

“Ulilipwa nusu ungeimba nusu.. Ungeperform Kwangwwaru uache hiyo part ya ‘ inama inama’ wakimaliza deni nawe uje kumaliza ngoma…next time kua mjanja.”

On a video he posted, the angry crowd couldn’t resist attacking his car.