It is being reported by Tanzanian media that Harmonize and Hamisa Mobetto spent 7 hours at the same hotel in Dar Es Salaam and this fact has got tongues wagging. Why you ask? Well, Hamisa Mobetto was once Diamond’s PYT and they even have a love-child, Dylan, together.

‘Diamond is an amazing father’ Hamisa Mobetto

However, when Diamond felt the relationship had run its course, he was cold in the clinical manner in which he moved on. Hamisa was devastated and that is an understatement. But she has since moved on.

Hamisa Mobetto

‘I’ve gone through a lot…’ Hamisa opens up about relationship with Diamond

As for Harmonize, he has every reason to want to show up Diamond. He broke away from Wasafi Classic Records and now has his own label, Konde Music Worldwide. And competition is healthy but how far Harmonize is willing to go to compete with Diamond Platnumz will be laid bare by time.

However, the fact that they were in the same venue could spell a scheme being cooked or if like Tanzanian blogs and newspapers you see salacious content in this meeting, then maybe they are practising their dancing… Sans clothing.