Harmonize is back with a banger called Kushoto Kulia that is a major banger. What is really interesting about its video is the fact that it is visually reminiscent of Diamond’s new jam Baba Lao.

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And this follows a recent row Harmonize and Kenyan producer Magix Enga had over instrumentals with Magix Enga taking exception to the fact that Konde Boy had used instrumentals similar to the ones he created for Dundaing.

Harmonize’s Konde Music Worldwide management team respond to Magix Enga pulling down Uno

Anyway, Harmonize’s new track is a hard hitting one and you can’t help but feel like he is taking shots at people but interestingly enough, Diamond isn’t one of them as he bigs him up, referring to himself as the,

Mondi wa Tandale

Check out the jam below: