Harmonize has decreed and declared that he loves Sarah and nothing will change that.

Let me introduce you to the characters of my story. Mwarabu The Fighter who is Diamond’s ex-bodyguard, Harmonize, Diamond Platnumz and Sarah who is Harmonize’s girlfriend.

A few months ago, Diamond released a huge truck, Inama where he exposed Sarah as a cheater. Apparently, she had been cheating on Harmonize with Mwarabu the reason why he fired him.


love is what made harmonize get Mwarabu fired

Wasafi artistes are known to reveal personal details of their lives through their music and yesterday Konde Boy dropped a song that is a letter to Sarah to assure her he loves her despite it all.

Featuring Q Chilla, Konde Boy released a song, My Boo, with Sarah as the vixen and he declares his love saying,

you stuck by me even when I didn’t have anything.

I know there are those who said we do are not for each other while others say you have a Maasai and others went to publicly state that you are involved with Mwarabu

They do not want to see me with you but you’re the one that I love I will not listen or see what they have to say so don’t worry my boo. 

Wasafi never disappoints when it comes to videos and the creativity of their lyrics. Already at half a million-plus views, fans love it.

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Watch the video below:

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