THE BIG SCOOP: Has Anerlisa Muigai confirmed that she is a lesbian?

There been endless rumours about Anerlisa Muigai’s sexuality. For a pretty long time, we’ve had the chance to two of the men she dated before, even after trying to hide her previous man from the public.

Well, there have been reports that she’s into women as well and the latest news revolve around one Natasha Jewel Johnson.

Anerlisa and Natasha have never really confirmed the rumors but the two are always together. When Anerlisa is busy making her water brand grow, you will see Natasha there with her, when it is turn up time, they are definitely together.

Natasha took to social media to post a photo of her and Anerlisa with a caption, “When my wife decided to shake her a** on my face.”

On another day, Natasha took to social media with a post saying she missed her wife. In fact, she actually confirmed that she spends all day with Anerlisa in her caption saying, “I miss my wife. Can’t go the whole day without you.”

Anerlisa replied, “I miss you too (with an emoji of two girls holding hands).”

On The Big Scoop, Mpasho’s Uncle Chim brought Adelle and Shaffie to speed on what has been happening. Adelle thinks that there’s more to it than what they wrote on social media, while Shaffie thinks that everything is clear.

Watch the full scoop below;

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