As much as he has countlessly denied that he’s in a relationship with Avril, it is reported that J Blessing has bought Avril a brand new German machine.

According to Buzz, the video director has gifted the curvaceous singer a BMW 3 series which costs over Ksh3 million and all this is to ease her travel. Heh, lanes.

J Blessing/ Instagram

Last year it was reported that Avril is heavily pregnant with J Blessing’s child. But the two vehemently denied the rumours stating that they are just friends.

Our source revealed, “Yes, Avril is expecting her first child and she is keeping everything hush hush because this matter is private and she wants it to stay out of the limelight.”

Avril/ Instagram

Commenting about the matter, J Blessing flat out denied the allegations, saying, “But for real, it is news to me as well.”

Adding with a threat, “I cannot get into that because I will file a case for defamation immediately they mention me without any facts because I’m sure of my position.”

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