Kenyan music queen Avril Nyambura had to listen to some very mean remarks from a fan/hater on camera with grace and style.

On a celebrity ambush show, a fan was asked what he thinks about Avril, the worst thing about this was that he gave her a bad review, not knowing she was standing behind him.

The Kitoko hit maker said she is one of the trolled celebrity on social media, the reason as to why she doesn’t pick fight its because she is always minding her own business.

She has also grown a thick skin.

The young man who was interviewed displayed candor when he made remarks that took Avril by surprise.

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He said:

” avril time yake imeisha atulie kejani na alee mtoi wake na bwanake. [avril’s time is over and she should go home and take care of her baby and hubby].”

When he was asked about her new jam, Kitoko, he said that its quality, visuals and production are very poor.

 ”hio ngoma visuals ziko nje audio nayo ni zile za kitambo angekuja kwangu ni mproducie [its quality, visuals and production are very outdated. She should come to me I produce it for her.]” 

When Avril shared the video on her own Instagram account, her producer J Blessing and other artistes also gave their two cents about that critique.

jibrilblessing: Alikua anamanisha uko down coz he is very tall.

Mr seed: Haters.

Hopekidhk: Hii kazi sio rahisi but hajakushow poa.

Her fans also shared their thoughts and they appreciated her good music and her sweet voice.