Plain and simple from Kamene on The Morning Kiss conversation today is as a girl in your 20’s please have options when it comes to men.

Do not just make one man an option because you are still young and need to explore and know who suits you best.

A lady called in saying that she needs some advice from Kamene because Kibe can not give advice at all.

I need your advice Kamene. What advice can kibe give? There is this guy I really like. We have been okay but all of a sudden he started being distant and he never comes through when I need him most. So I have been thinking should I seek other options or sit and wait for him to come back? 


Without any hesitation, Kamene told her she she is still too young to be giving one man 100%.

What you need to do to get him back is open up to so many other men. Go on dates and post them on social media and when he calls begging you to come back tell him you have moved on. The revolution is female. 

‘I almost killed myself.’ Man confides in Kamene and Kibe about heartbreak

She added that it is time women play the game men have been playing.

Who is giving 100% to a man? We have not been getting 100 %. Have options when you’re young so that when you’re older you know wh is best. If you’re young have options, please

Andrew Kibe was so angered by Kamene’s advice. He kept insisting that her age does not allow her to give such because she has one more major heartbreak to experience.

This time the odds were against Kibe because this time the girl child is woke and the boy child is under siege.

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