Diamond Platnumz and Tiffah

On the 6th of August 2015, Bongo music star Diamond Platnumz and his now wife, Zari Hassan welcomed their first child, a sweet daughter by the name, Tiffah Dangote aka Princess Tiffah.

The couple was more than excited for the blessing, even with haters criticizing their union because of their age difference, with Zari being older than Diamond Platnumz, who turned 27 on October 2.


As a first time father, Diamond Platnumz was more thrilled to finally hold his first child in his arms, something he had always wanted even back then when he was dating former Miss Tanzania, Wema Sepetu.

Diamond Platnumz reportedly dumped Wema Sepetu in 2014, with one of the reasons being the fact that she was barren and couldn’t bear a child for him.

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However in an interesting turn of events, Wema Sepetu got pregnant while dating Big Brother winner Idris Sultan, but sadly, she miscarried soon after. Reports later alleged that she could have been faking a pregnancy for reasons only known to herself.

Now, let’s go back to Diamond and Zari’s daughter, Princess Tiffah. The adorable girl turned 1-year-old in August 2016, with her mother planning a colorful and classy birthday party in South Africa, and wow, she’s growing too fast.


Tiffah will soon have a brother as Diamond and his wife officially confirmed that they were expecting their second child, coming barely a year after Latiffah was born, which resulted in drama between the new couple since Chibu was not ready for another child  just yet.

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The two would later reconcile and even sharing somewhat intimate photos and videos on social media. As they await the birth of their second child, their first born, Tiffah is growing up too fast.

She’s already learnt how to walk and is already mumbling a few words, plus she also joined school. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zari gets another kid soon, as Diamond Platnumz recently revealed he’s thinking of getting a third child as soon as his son is born.

So, how about we take a look at Princess Tiffah’s latest photos, and you’ll even notice her face has started to change, to resemble her celebrity dad.