Morning on Kiss100 with Kamene and Kibe has got Andrew Kibe revealing a lot of unknown details about himself.

Known for speaking his truth in a blunt way, it is easy for one to forget the fact that deep down he is only human.

First of all, did you know manz has been married twice? Ooh yes. So in his first marriage, he got a baby with his ex wife but things did not work out and he moved on. Moving on cost him the chance to see his child.

Kibe had the chance to see his child up until she turned three.

so until the toi was three years old I was given the chance to see him ooh daddy. I went and got married to another lady and since then I have not seen my toi for I don’t know 7-12 years. Now that is somebody I want to be thrown in front of the bus and in case you do not get injured the bus will step on her.

‘Get a vasectomy!’ Andrew Kibe gives Diamond solid advice

This story got Kibe very emotional. He confesses that is the one thing that aches his heart to date.

His ‘wife’ Kamene was not pleased with the situation either she mentioned that was not a good move. It is his right to be involved in his daughter’s life.

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