Alikiba, Diamond and Ommy Dimpoz

The Kenyan music is at it’s best at the moment with some of the biggest artistes in East Africa, like; Sauti Sol band, Nameless, Wahu, Redsan, STL, Nonini, Eric Wainaina, Wyre, Suzzana Owiyo, and the list is endless.

But we all know that there can never be a successful music industry without competition and our Kenyan singers/rappers are facing stiff competition from our neighboring countries, Tanzania and Uganda.

But competition is good, it keeps the music industry thriving, and artistes on their toes as their closest competitor does something  new, with the aim of being inspired to do better for their fans.


If you haven’t noticed Bongo music has over the years evolved and become one of the most popular and listened to genres of music in Africa, from back in the days with the likes of; TID, Mr. Blu, Ray C, Saida Karoli, Nakaaya Sumari, Juma Nature just to mention a few.

Sauti Sol Are The Only Kenyan Artistes On Top Searched YouTube Videos Of 2016

But over the last 3 years, a lot of new Bongo singers have emerged giving veteran artistes a run for their money.

Tanzania, however, seems to defy the odds as veteran artistes are still popular and very much in the game, with their ratings not negatively affected.


Unlike before Bongo music is now very popular all over the continent, with some artistes like Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba even collaborating with singers from other countries. This has put bongo music on the world map.

Alikiba Takes The Number One Spot As King Of Bongo, Dethroning Diamond Platnumz

Well, how about we take a look at some of the biggest and most renowned male Bongo artistes at the moment, who are actually competitors in the industry too.

Check out the list of the most popular Bongo artistes we have now, the old and the new, below.

1. Diamond Platnumz: Real name Naseeb Abdul Juma, he has changed the face of Bongo music by taking it to international levels with his danceable smash hit songs like; Number One, Nana, Moyo Wangu and more.

2. Alikiba: Ali Saleh Kiba, is one of most respected household names in Tanzania, having been in the industry for more than a decade, with his passionate love songs, which include; Mwana, Aje, Mac Muga and more. He’s has managed to stay afloat and remain relevant over the years.

3. Harmonize: He’s currently signed to Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi Records and has one of the biggest songs for 2016, Aiyola, Matatizo and Bado featuring Diamond. He even won an AFRIMA for most promising new artiste.

4. Ray Vanny: Another WCB member who has proved his worth after dropping Salome with Chibu Dangote. But before that, he was also famed for songs like; Kwetu, Natafuta Kiki and Kijuso.


5. Ommy Dimpoz: He was once Diamond Platnumz’ close friend but sadly they fell out and he joined Chibu’s frenemy Alikiba.The two recently dropped a new song; Kajiandae. His other songs include; Achia Body, Baadaye, Wanjera and Hello Baby featuring Avril.

6. Rich Mavoko: Currently signed to WCB, Mavoko was part of Kaka Empire’s list of artistes and has several Bongo hits under his name. He recently dropped Kokoro and Ibaki Story after joining the camp.

7. Shetta: Born Ali Saleh Kiba, Shetta is a renowned Bongo star who has some of the top songs in the local charts, and has also worked with big names in the industry. Kerewa, Shikorobo featuring Kcee, Bonge La Bwana and Namjua are just some of his hit songs.

8. AY: No doubt one of the greatest Swahili rappers, and even after years in the game, AY is still respected and a big name in his home country. You may know him from songs like; Zigo, Habari Ndio Hiyo, Asante, Nasema Nao and others.


9. Mwana FA: Another celebrated Bongo rapper who has been in the music industry for the longest time and is still going strong. He recently dropped a new song with Dume Suruali featuring Vanessa Mdee and is also popular for hits like; Asanteni Kwa Kuja, Habari Ndio Hiyo, Hawajui and more.

10. Darassa: This rapper has become a music sensation in the last few years and has worked with top Tanzanian artistes with some great songs under his name. You may have heard of him from his latest songs Muziki featuring Ben Pol. But before that, he had other songs like; Too Much and Kama Utanipenda with Rich Mavoko.

Check out a photo video of these top artistes below.