Comedian duo Chipukeezy and Eric Omondi make the best team when it comes to cracking ribs and pulling off hilarious stunts.

Well, the two have worked hard and with a lot of effort, have made it to the top of the competitive industry, starting off at the Churchill Show where they became the audiences’ favorite.

The two would, later on, abandon the show and start their own one-man comedy events, with Eric Omondi being the first one to take the daring step, which turned out to be worth it. He now even performs in other countries!

Chipukeezy and Eric Omondi

Chipukeezy has now followed suit and joined his partner in ‘comedy crime’, Eric Omondi, and has been learning the ropes on how to have a successful solo career. We can say that he seems to be doing just fine.

The two funny guys recently released a hilarious video Haiwezi, which is based on Timmy Tdat’s hit song Inaweza where the two nailed it with their rib-cracking lyrics and silly antics in the music video. This is despite the fact that they are not even close to being musicians.

KALI SANA! Eric Omondi and Chipukeezy Take Shots At Socialites In Hilarious “Haiwezi” Music Video

But for some reason, when Eric Omondi and Chipukeezy Vinnie aka Chipu team up and share ideas, they always nail it. The Mlolongo-native even managed to start an online TV comedy show, Chipukeezy TV, which instantly became an internet sensation.

He recently dropped a new hilarious song dubbed Unanifuta Kazi, which has Kamba beats and he seems to have perfected his craft with his parodies and funny videos.

Ati boss wangu ni matope bibi yake muhanyaji asiiiii. .Link on my Bio

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This time round, the duo decided it’s time to release another parody video from one of the biggest South African films of all times, The Gods Must Be Crazy, with Eric Omondi starting off the year by posting the project on his social media. The photos, however, are the ones that have caught his fans’ attention.

The popular comedian has re-invented the title of the movie to The Gods Are Not Crazy, We Are.  As he revealed the project, Eric shared photos where he wore nothing but an animal skin flap, which only covers a part of his groin and posterior while holding a bow and arrow.


He later shared more behind the scenes photos and revealed that Chipukeezy will also be starring in the project. He also wore the same animal skin flaps with nothing else on, and I must say, he looks like the main male actor in the original film.

Saitan: Comedian Eric Omondi Takes It Too Far As He Does A Rendition Of Another Hit Song

However, Eric Omondi received some ridiculous comments when he posted a very revealing photo as he squatted, with a glimpse of his derriere, with some of his fans making fun at him;

mercimoses1156 Wee chizi kweli#Eric,

msjonneserayah Haga zimekaukaaàaa😢😂😂😂@ericomondi,

delhommey😂😂😂😂😂👌👌 dimples kwa rasa Alaf iyo ni nini kwa shadow apo chini 😂😂😂,

sue_zzy_sue Gosh…huyu kijana anasumbuliwa na?, deeosawaU r craaaaaaaaaazy!,

ruthnyabonyi Now I have to see a therapist !!! @ericomondi

Well, so much of that, check out more photos below. Too hilarious!

eric-omondi-chipu-crazy eric-omondi-chipu-crazy-4



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