Tanasha Donna Oketch, Diamond Platnumz’s girlfriend went ahead to flaunt her BMW 320i on social media yesterday saying she misses her car.

Well considering the immense wealth Diamond has, people immediately assumed that the car was bought by Tanzania’s very own, Kwangwaru hitmaker.

Diamond Platumz and his bae Tanasha Donna

A fan named Dayana took to social media with a comment on the post saying:

Oh my God! Tanasha, Diamond has played his part. That is why I like him. When he loves, acquiring valuables like houses and cars for his partner are not a big thing.When interacting with Diamond, kindly advise him to take care of his father, who is languishing in poverty. The singer’s dad does not own a decent house. Ask Diamond to build the old man a house, and God will bless your union with him

These accusations did not settle well with Tanasha. Responding to Dayana she said:

Dayana, Diamond did not buy this car for me. I bought it myself, dear

Tanasha has a full time job as a media personality and a video vixen so the accusations could be wrong and if not, Diamond must be a good boyfriend.

Now that 2019 is here, we are yet to see if the 14th of February will be a white day for Tanasha and Diamond as they stated they will be walking down the aisle in a four-day wedding ceremony.

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