Uhuru Kenyatta has proved he is not only a great leader but he also has moves like Jagger.

He recently attended an event with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and Woman rep Esther Passari among many other dignitaries.

In a leaked video, we see them getting down.

Dancing to a live band, Uhuru danced Salsa with an unidentified partner, as Sonko and Passaris, dressed to impress were not left behind.

President Kenyatta has been known to be an easy going Head of State, who mingles easily and tries out what others are doing. He has been known to love taking selfies.

I am sure they really wanted to let loose after dealing with all that the pressure Kenyan politics has put them through.

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The other time Uhuru trended was when he decided to join FBI dances on doing the dab.

Watch the video below: